About us

The Inside the Volcano tour is operated by 3H Travel, a fully licensed tour operator in Iceland. Its owners are largely the same entrepreneurs who have been coordinating the big idea at Thrihnukagigur volcano. The tour is a part of an ongoing environmental, geological and marketing research project on the volcano.

Contact information

Via email: info@insidethevolcano.com
Via telephone: +354 519 5609


The people

Bjorn Ólafsson
Bjorn About usBjorn is a dedicated mountaineer and has been since childhood. He has climbed peaks and mountains all over the world and was part of the first Icelandic group that reached the top of Mount Everest. Bjorn has been a member of an Icelandic Rescue Squad for years and has supervised courses in mountain climbing and rescue tactics. He is co-founder and managing director of Thrihnukar ehf, the holding company responsible for making Thrihnukagigur volcano publicly accessible. Bjorn is also the owner and managing director of 3H Travel. Bjorn holds an MBA and works as a finance consultant.


Brynjar Gudjonsson
Binni About usBrynjar (his tourist friendly name is ‘Binni’) is the man behind the scenes. If you call us, he will probably answer. If you send us an email, he’s the one who writes you back. Binni has a degree in Business Administration and takes care of most things related to sales, marketing and operation.



Einar Stefánsson
Einar1 300x280 About usEinar is a veteran mountain climbing and trekking guide. He has climbed mountains all over the world and was, with Bjorn, part of the first Icelandic group that climbed Mount Everest. Einar is an engineer, works for VSÓ consulting and is a co-founder of Thrihnukar ehf. Einar has long experience as a tour guide and has supervised courses in mountain climbing and rescue tactics. He will be escorting travellers at Thrihnukagigur in the summer.


Ólafur Thór Júlíusson
Ólafur Thor Juliusson About usÓli is a construction engineer. He has over 20 years experience in mountaineering, has climbed peaks in the Alps, Africa and Greenland and has worked with an Icelandic Rescue Squad for several years. He will spend most of his summer inside the volcano, assisting the adventurous travellers who take part in the tour.



Environmental policy

3H Travel is committed to using sustainable business practices at all times and to minimizing the environmental impact of the tour operation at Thrihnukagigur volcano. We aim to enhance the visitor experience, while finding effective ways to protect and preserve the Thrihnukagigur volcano area.

Implemented initiatives include reducing the operation’s environmental footprint, committing to a systematic recycling and waste management system and educating our visitors about sustainability and environmental protection.

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